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Accio! Harry Potter in his Thirties

Photographs have been revealed of the cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Jamie Parker plays the grown up Harry Potter now in his thirties and his wife Ginny is played by Poppy Miller. The ‘cursed child’ of the … Continue reading

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Stacey Abbott on iZombie

The rise of the sympathetic monster has been a unifying theme of OGOM’s research. Of all the monsters to feature in paranormal romance and similar narratives that humanise the undead and the monstrous, the zombie is surely one of the … Continue reading

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Vampire Plays and Werewolf Comics

According to various news outlets dedicated to the dark and macabre, Nicole Kidman is planning to adapt ‘Cuddles’, a vampire play. ‘Cuddles’ (first performed in 2012) is a play by Joseph Wilde and is about the relationship between Eve, a young … Continue reading

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Shapeshifters and Werecats

I’m still compiling my own top-ten shapeshifters in response to Sam’s and Kaja’s lists, but I came across this paranormal romance about a werecat, and I am very tempted:

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Top Ten Shapeshifters – The Retro Version

In response to The Guardian’s Top Ten Shapeshifters in Fiction (which is very noughties) and Kaja’s lively alternative list, I am posting my own top ten which is a little bit more retro! A shapeshifter is usually understood to be … Continue reading

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The People Seeking the Company of Wolves

Anyone involved in academia will know of the importance of impact and on 8th June I will be speaking about the Open Graves, Open Minds project at the Public Engagement with Research Conference 2016 (Prince Edward Lecture Hall, University of … Continue reading

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Top 10 Shapeshifters in Fiction (an alternative)

Over the weekend The Guardian published an article about the top ten shapeshifters in fiction. It was an enjoyable read and proof that shapeshifters continue to be relevant. However the choice of texts was limited (three examples from Harry Potter?). And, whilst … Continue reading

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Vampire Politics meets the EU

This article ‘Transylvania joining EU could see one million vampires in UK by 2020’ was published on the satirical news site NewsThump. Adding a Gothic twist to Brexit, it exaggerates fears regarding national identity by suggesting that by remaining in … Continue reading

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Photographs of Children Raised by Wolves

The photographer Julia Fullerton Batten has created a series of images of wolf children, or children supposedly raised by animals. In Feral: The Children Raised by Wolves, Fiona Macdonald reports that these pictures have a ‘dreamlike, fairy-tale quality’, and yet the lives … Continue reading

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On Twilight, dangerous love, romantic poetry and voyeurism

The following blog post, ‘Love is Dangerous’, appeared on my Facebook news feed. I read it and the post which it is reacting to (which you can read here) with interest. Whilst the original post on ‘What Happens Next: A … Continue reading

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